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We want to hear from you! In ministry sometimes, we can do a lot of talking and not enough listening. Therefore, we have one simple question for you; what’s your story?

If you have any news great or small, been impacted by a teaching or TNC experience, reach any milestone, conquered a goal, granted a promotion, achieved liberation, overcame a fear, defeated an addiction, etc., we want to know about it!

So, click the link below and upload your story. Remember life is better as a community than it is by ourselves.

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Recent Teaching

Series Topic: Boss Moves

Are you tired of people dictating and defining who you are and what you are supposed to be? The good news is that being tired is a noble step! However, just being tired isn’t good enough.

It is time for you to write and live out the definition of your own life. This is precisely what happens in the resurrection narrative of Jesus as it was the ultimate boss move.

No one defined Jesus! To that end, if we investigate the canonical (biblical) Jesus pre and post resurrection, we’d discover and discern a credible blueprint for replication!

In this series Pastor Anthony will merge the aforementioned with pragmatic steps and principles that will empower you to make #bossmoves. Watch, share and be blessed!