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2023: The Year We Close D.E.A.L.S.

The essence of CLOSING DEALS is a committed intensity to getting the job done and obtaining what’s rightfully ours within ethical parameters.  The mission is clear; 2023, the year we close deals, Defeating Entrapped and Losing Spirits!


Three Key Areas of Focus:

1. Mindset

Success begins at the thought process, not at the action!  In fact our actions are informed by our thought process. To that end, it is imperative that we continue to strengthen the mind that it may serve as a critical muscle aiding us in lifting the tenacity required to close deals.  


2. Ministry

We are the church; therefore, we should never lose sight of the importance of ministry engagement as it honors God. When we are committed to cultivating a healthy ministry; we make a statement concerning the RELEVANCE OF MINISTRY.  To the end, if God is a relevant force in our life, our reasonable response is to be a relevant and active participant in the ministry.


3. Movement

Far too often our desires stall and/or die due to the lack of movement.  Knowledge is the key that opens the door of implementation.  If we do not use what we know to achieve what we desire, we will never become.  To that end, consistent energy and attention with intention concerning our goals must be the commitment.

90 Days D.E.A.L.S. Challenge
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Where Every Experience Is a New Experience 

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