Dear Partner,


I’ve been away from “preaching” and we have not been in-person for the past two weeks.  I’ve literally used this time to give considerable thought to the connection between partner and pastor.  Otherwise stated you and me.  


I’m intentionally analytical by nature as it helps me process things.  Data tends to tell stories of reality that hope sometimes miss.  We returned to In-Person Worship in February, and we begin to pick up incredible steam in March and carried it through May from an energy and participatory perspective.


Around Mid-June I noticed that we at best began to become stagnant and at worse regressed.  At first, I tried hard to psychologically attribute it to the summer months, but my spirit would not let me settle in with that reason.  After doing this for many years, I realize that consistency is a matter of the heart, broadly speaking. 


To that end, I want to speak directly to your heart and ask can you be more connected and committed to The New Church than you are right now?  No matter how much I try to unconvince myself, God continues to remind me that our ministry is structured in a way where everything starts at The Weekend Worship. If this segment of our ministry is lacking and unsupported, we really do not have a ministry.


Family, I’m calling for a renewed sense of commitment to actively coming and participating in our In-Person Worships weekly without compromise.  Sunday September 11th, we return and make no mistake about it, IT WILL TELL THE STORY of how these words are received!  If our attendance, timeliness, energy and participation is great then we can begin a perhaps promising journey.  To help with this IN-PERSON push WE WILL NOT STREAM our worship on September 11, 2022!


Finally, as we prepare for what I pray will be a great response to these words for our upcoming In-Person Worship, I ask you to do the following things.


1. Pray for our church, yourself and me

2. Absolutely show up in-person Sunday & on time

3. Watch the video below and share it with at least 3 people by Friday 09/09


I really do love you,

Pastor Anthony



Click link below for video 

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