Hey fellow partner, 17 years ago, I heard God tell me to start/plant a ministry.  One that would heal the broken, redeem the sinner and build the conscious of humanity.  Throughout the years, our ministry has persevered through many challenges while also celebrating great wins.  It is no small feat that we remain a living organism after 17 years.  We literally started with no money, building, equipment, partners/members, but GOD.  To that end, at some point you decided to make the courageous step by partnering with The New Church (formerly New Life Fellowship), as your faith community while allowing me to be your pastor.  Let me say from the deepest well of my heart, I AM INDEED GRATEFUL. 


THIS SUNDAY is all about celebrating life as a local church and your connection to it.  This is a “WE THING” and not a “ME THING!”   I welcome your help to make this OUR BEST CELEBRATION YET.  Make no mistake about it, we deserve to have a well-attended & high-spirited experience.  I AM ASKING FOR TOTAL SUPPORT. 


Will you commit to the 5 things listed below?

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Pastor Anthony


Click link to download flyer to share on social media and with others. 

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