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Hello Dream Team,

I am expecting our time this Saturday to be a real game changer.  Let's come with a strategic and HIGH-LEVEL mindset.  We will meet at the library in a DIFFERENT ROOM (2.3) @ 12:30 pm, Saturday March 23, 2024.  

Please see the agenda below:

1. Prayer-TBD

2. Conversation

Note: Be prepared to thoroughly discuss and add substantive value to the topics below.  Remember anybody can be vague and surface, but DREAM TEAM leaders must be high-level.


A. What have you been working on and/or accomplished within your specific area of focus for TNC and what are your goals for the 2nd Quarter within your specific area of focus?  BE VERY SPECIFIC AND DETAILED.

B. What are your takeaways/assessments from Quarter 1, not just in your specific area of focus, but TNC overall?  Additionally, what are your takeaways/assessments regarding our execution of the vision for Quarter 1? 

3.  Tackling VISION 2024 (Q2)

Note: Please make sure you have read the vision for Quarter 2 and ready to engage it head on.  I have included a black and white printable version for you via the link that you may print and bring.  Bring a HARD COPY OF both Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 vision.  

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Where Every Experience Is a New Experience 

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