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Hey Fellow Closer,

Today is a blessed day; why, because God has given us another opportunity to close deals.   Optimism is a necessity for ministry especially in the pastorate.  To that end, optimism will dwindle and eventually die if it is NOT met with forcible action and intentionality.

If you remember, this past Sunday, I briefly shared with those in attendance a significant DROP that I received from the Lord concerning TNC.  I stated that the Lord has called our ministry to build an army and to FOCUS on the here, now and future.

God has given me an assignment and has confirmed it in the prophetic by someone who has never seen or spoken to me; and that is to build a Dream Team.  What’s a DREAM TEAM?  It is a team that works alongside me to aid the church in its mission and aims.  Here’s the reality, I CAN NOT do this work by myself.

Now you should know that I fought with this because in this season of my life I have no time to waste on slacking and lagging spirits/individuals.  And it is in that regard I asked the Lord to show me on multiple occasions who should be a part of this team as I have no interest in pulling the unwilling.  Consistently God showed me you.  Now, what God and I need from you is a Yes.

This team will be comprised of partners from all time periods of our ministry. If you accept this invitation, I will be in contact about next steps and greater details.  I pray for your speedy consideration as this will be an opportunity for me to pour into you and for you to work with me to ensure the ministry is being properly poured into. Click link below to accept!


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