Month in Review: April 2022



In-Person Worship Numbers: (Noticeable decline, weeks 2 & especially 4)

March: Averaged 85% available seating

February: 75%

January: N/A

Facebook Virtual Worship Impressions/Views: 738/266

March: 784/379

February: 738/352

January: 1668/671 (We were virtual only in January)

YouTube Content Impressions/Views:2909/372

March: 3.3K/423

February: 3.6K/351  

January: 3.5K/341

In Person Visitors Total: 8

Without Church Home: 5

With Church Home: 3

March In Person Visitors Total: 17

W/O Church Home: 11

With Church Home: 6

New In Person Partners: 2

March: 8

February: 0

January: N/A

New Online Partners: 0

March: 0

February: 0

January: 1

Sub-Team Enrollment: 57.4% of active partners

March: 53%

February: 56.8

January: 58.1% of active partners

Partners E Pledge: 53.1% of active partners

March: 42%

February: 34%

January: 32.5%

Partners Giving at Least Once: 72.7% of active partners

March: 60%

February: 59%

January: 44.1% of active partners


S.M.: Subs/Followers:YouTube:3 Facebook: 17 Instagram: Twitter:

March: Subs/Followers:YouTube:3 Facebook: 32 Instagram: Twitter:

February: YouTube 3-Did not calculate other platforms

January: Did not calculate



  • Easter Worship was well attended & high spirited

  • New partners were added in the month of April

  • Prayer team’s commitment is felt

  • New music team rehearsal/music preparation strategy continued to go well

  • Nine of our 13 ministry sub-teams are engaged

  • Partners financially contributing at least once increased

April Ministry Goal Updates:

Emphasize Palm & Resurrection Sundays

Result: Accomplished


Launch April Teaching Series

Result: Accomplished


Increasing partner engagement on social media platforms

Result: Did not accomplish


Assimilate new partners from March

Result: Moved toward target


Host partner-wide ministry informational

Result: Did not accomplish


Build on the new guest and new partner momentum

Result: Slight move towards target


Increase In-Person Worship Attendance numbers

Result: Did not accomplish


Have point of contact meeting for sub teams

Result: Did not accomplish


Open up TEAM TNC merch ordering

Result: Did not accomplish


Secure sub-teams point of contacts for assimilation, marketing, congregation care & outreach

Result: Did not accomplish

April Building Goals Update:

Back wall repair in fellowship hall/worship space

Result: Did not accomplish


Fine tuning new floors in fellowship hall

Result: Moved somewhat towards target


Finish touch-up paint on fellowship hall/worship borders

Result: Did not accomplish


Finalizing/deciding on force air for hall side or additional new window unit

Result: Accomplished


Begin discussion cost/need assessment for sanctuary

Result: Moved somewhat towards target

April Equipment Goals Update:

Investigate new computers for media purposes

Result: Move somewhat towards target


Investigate main camera upgrade cost/needs

Result: Move somewhat towards target


Purchase digital camera for photos

Result: Did not accomplish



 May 2022 FOCUS

General Goals:

  • Celebrate 17 years of ministry joyously

Partners are asked to be present, bring a guest, wear any combination of silver/gray, black & white, sow $117 or more, join us at Dave & Busters

  • Launch May teaching series

  • Launch planning ministry scheduling app

  • Intentional follow up with guest throughout 2022

  • Increase Partner E-Pledge and Sub-Team Enrollment

  • Revisit/tend to the following April goals that were not accomplished:

Host partner-wide ministry informational-

Have point of contact meeting for ministry sub-teams-

Continue to secure point of contact for ministry sub-teams without one-


Building Update Goals:

  • Install 1 new ac unit in fellowship hall (current worship space)

  • Repair rear wall in fellowship hall (current worship space)

  • Investigate repair cost to replace broken window in front of church

  • Do the preliminary work for cited tuckpointing


Equipment Update Goals:

  • Purchase digital camera for photos

Special Note: Remember the element of adaptability. Let's be flexible in the event other needs arises! 

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