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From Pastor Anthony

Hey Partner,


The one thing we can ill-afford to do in life is take the move and favor of God for granted.  The second is to not ride the wave of MOMENTUM to the fullest.


We are in FULL ACCLERATION mode as we are KINGDOM BUILDERS and demon denouncers. 


We are in a season of unprecedented favor and the hand of the enemy is at work, but one way to fight is with OUR COMMITMENT AND WORSHIP.  I push Sundays SO HARD because it’s the one way we COME TOGETHER to be FILLED & FULFILLED why simultaneously telling the enemy, you will not WIN!


The assignment and expectation are clear, HIGH WORSHIP, PACKED HOUSE and NEVER a Sunday without a GUEST. When we have full participation and guests, we ALERT HEAVEN in an incredible way. 


Sooooooooo, HELP ME make a RECORD-BREAKING Sunday in 3 ways:


1. Being present, active and on time (9:40 prayer)

2. Be relentless with securing a guest, I mean go all out in inviting and passing out cards

3. Come with a mind and heart of worship that creates as shifting culture




Children’s Church kick off was a HUGE SUCCESS, now we are gearing up to launch our Women Ignite Ministry (10/21 @ 10:30am).  There will be a SPECIAL DRAWING Sunday for the women who have registered, but you MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE to receive the prize if your name is drawn.  The drawing will happen EARLY in worship so be on time.


If you have not registered yet ladies, click the link below to do so.




Fellas, the BRUH’S Men Ministry kickoff is Friday 10.13.23 at 7pm and our Season Warriors (ages 60+) kickoff is Saturday 11.04.23 @ 11:30 a.m.




Pastor Anthony

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Where Every Experience Is a New Experience 

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