Family, the TIME IS NOW.  We have gained considerable momentum with our visitor’s showing and adding new partners to the ministry.  As of this moment, we are officially entering our PLUS ONE EVANGELISM CAMPAIGN.  Each partner is asked to focus on bringing a plus one (guest) to join you at our worship experiences.  Additionally, we want each partner to officially win at least one soul/person to Christ and to partner with the ministry. 


Fifty days after the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, we summons the glory of the Holy Spirit to come forth on what is known as Pentecost Sunday.  That Sunday is June 5th!  We are ASKING THAT NO ONE MISSES OR BE LATE (9:50)!  Come with energy and a praise!


Pastor Anthony is starting a brand-new teaching series, “Masterpiece!”  For far too long we have undervalued ourselves and allowed false narratives to fester as pertaining to our worth.  Well, that’s about to change as Pastor Anthony will deliver messages of liberation!  You can’t miss any of these teachings. 

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It is no secret that women out number men in church.  To that end, Pastor Anthony wants to use Father’s Day as a special time to target men in worship.  The goal is to have at least 25 men present and WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Tell every man you know to join you for our Father’s Day Worship.  There will be door prizes! 


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