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Our Mission 

To foster a community of love while providing a pathway for discipleship as individuals embrace their spiritual journey 

Our Pastor

Anthony S. McCaa Sr., affectionately known as Pastor Anthony currently serves as the Senior Pastor/Founder, chief strategic planner and visionary of The New Church (TNC) in St. Louis Missouri.  He manages staff, conducts leadership development training sessions, provides counseling and facilitates social development seminars.  Additionally, McCaa serves as the CEO of EXTENSIONS 501 C3, a non-profit outreach sector of TNC.

Outside of The New Church, McCaa has served as a voice and instrument coach. He is a motivational speaker and has spoken at churches and conferences nationwide.

As an educational consultant, McCaa is also dedicated to developing curricula and positive social and spiritual programming for adults, youth and children. He is also the founder of Youth Community Outreach Promoters, and the founder of Youth Coalition Ministries, a national network for ministers and laity. He has facilitated training and development sessions for the Children Defense Fund as an Ella Baker trainer.

Pastor Anthony is a member of the distinguished Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated! McCaa has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Webster University and a Masters in Theological Studies from Eden Theological Seminary.  McCaa has one son, Anthony S. McCaa II.

The New Church's DNA


Love God

The heart of the believer should be centered in a sincere love for God.  If our love starts with God, then we will forever seek God’s presence. The presence of God provides serenity and security.  We demonstrate our Love for God through faithful participation in weekend worship services.


Connect With Each Other

Although ones acceptance of a relationship with God is personal, their lived experience should be communal. Building relationships with each other within the local church is critical and essential. We connect with each other primary through connect groups and secondarily through connect fellowships, sister circle and man cave! 


Serve Communities

Selfishness finds its way in the hearts of humanity far too often.  We must combat this deadly disease with intentional efforts to serve the local church community as well as the geographical community.  We do this by encouraging members of Team TNC to join at least one ministry team. 




We believe salvation is a process of wholeness that is worked out throughout one’s spiritual journey. This process begins at the point of an individual’s willingness to confess their relationship with God! Salvation is a lifelong journey and apexes with an eternal redemption rewarded at one’s earthly transition to heaven.


We believe the bible is a key source for theological understanding.  For years, it has been able to help individuals understand how communities engaged God in the past.  By critically understanding the social perimeters of that engagement, we are now able to build a bridge with the scriptures to embrace a theology for times present.


We believe baptism is a key component of one’s spiritual journey, and that all believers should be baptized not to be saved, but because they are saved.  Baptism is to be immersed in water as a symbolic gesture of Christ’s sacrifice.  Although this action pales in comparison to the death, burial & resurrection of Christ; through baptism we aim to identify with Him by standing in the water (death), being immersed in the water (burial) and being lifted out of the water (resurrection).


We believe the Holy Spirit is given to every believer who receives Christ into their life.  We believe that Christ cannot be apart of your life without the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit essentially works to provide spiritual strength to one as they embrace their spiritual journey.

1. Evangelism

Evangelism will be the driving force of our ministry.  Allowing the gospel message to be our guide, we will strategically engage ways to reach the lost as we believe this is critical for the existence of God’s church.


2. Focus

Our mission and pathway to discipleship remains in the forefront of what we do, and we consistently use it as the barometer to gauge relevancy for programming and events.


3. Hospitable

God’s love is prevalent, and our love is felt among all who come in contact with us. Therefore, we aim to provide a non-condemning atmosphere that comforts, reaches, and welcomes the unsaved and/or unchurched.


4. Education

We are concerned with being educated, always thriving to advance our knowledge theologically, culturally and socially.  Embracing education welcomes the spirit of transformation—changing, enhancing, and empowering lives.


5. Multi-Generational Relevance

We offer holistic and relevant experiences for children, youth, college/young adults, and adults that nurture their spiritual, emotional and social needs.  Simply put, we provide pragmatic ways to address life in the 21st-Century.


6. Community Outreach

Our love extends beyond the internal workings of our faith community into our geographic community.  We believe in the criticality of having a presence in the geographic community, humbly serving as a God-given duty of our ministry.  Therefore, engaging the community through outreach is essential.


7. Facilities

We will acquire and maintain adequate facilities needed to carry out the mission of our ministry as well as meet the needs of the community in which we serve.


8. Financial Contribution

We firmly believe in financial giving.  Ten percent tithing, free will offerings and seed sowing is the primary way we cover expenses and expand our potential for ministry advancement.

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Where Every Experience Is a New Experience 

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